Benfica Lisbon vs FC Porto Live Stream Ao Vivo - 14 January 2013 - Portuguese Liga

Benfica vs FC Porto Live Stream Ao Vivo - 14 January 2013 - Portuguese Liga
The master of every game fixture is going to take on this Monday when the team of the Benfica Lisbon will face of the rivals FC Porto in the match . There is always a great war between these two teams , now its on points war this season because the season coming to its end soon . Benfica Lisbon has made a great number of changes to their squad this summer season to make it perfect for the 2012 - 2013 season.

Well there is a three points difference among these two sides in the Portugese Liga but the real thing is that the team of the Benfica Lisbon has played 13 games and they have 35 points and FC Porto have played 1 less game then arch rivals and they have 32 points.

Both teams are undefeated in their last 5 games run . Benfica Lisbon have won 4 games and drawn 1 game in the last 5 matches while the Porto have same number of wins and 1 game is drawn . Last time when these two teams clashed with each other Benfica Lisbon takes the lead and lead the match with a win.

So now this time there may be a new winner in the league in 2013 Benfica Lisbon has prepared a good side to face Porto and hosting them this week at home . Porto must put a good attacking side to finish this match with a complete goal scoring run and try to snatch three points to put pressure over the opponents well we get final score on this Monday who ever win but we have a good game to watch.
FC Porto vs Benfica Lisbon Live Stream Ao Vivo 2013 

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