Bolton vs Sunderland FA Cup Live Stream - 5 January 2013

Bolton vs Sunderland FA Cup Live Stream - 5 January 2013
Another match which will attract football fans is between the team of the Sunderland and Bolton . Both of these two teams have a good expirenced of the FA Cup games and they know how to figure a good result in the Cup matches.

From 2010 to 2012 Sunderland is a dominated side in the match against Bolton . Sunderland  have won 4 of their games in last 5 matches against the Bolton Wanderers . Bolton have recently defeated from Leeds United in the league so they were little in pressure.

If we see Sunderland record it is also not very well they have also lose 3 matches and just win 2 matches from last games in Premier League , they have recently defeated from the team of the Liverpool by 3-0 goals difference. This week they must prepare a better side for the match.

Sunderland vs Bolton FA Cup Live Stream 2013
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