Napoli vs AS Roma Live Stream - 6 January 2013 - Serie A

Napoli vs AS Roma Live Stream - 6 January 2013 - Serie A
A very important week for the team of the AS Roma they have to manage themselves against the opponents Napoli . Roma  is one of the best Serie A teams they have 32 points and they are very close to finish in the 2nd if they win their match against the Napoli .

Napoli and Roma both have 2 points difference well the winner on this Sunday will make some difference if  Roma wins they move ahead but if the match is drawn the Napoli will carry the same postion with 33 points so here win is every thing to the both teams.

This week its about three points which are much needed for the both football clubs to join the league title race with other top clubs . you can see this match online stream here before it will start. links will be provided,
Roma vs Napoli Live Stream 2013 Serie A
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